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Support your workflow with the universal Base64 format. Convert any file type to a Base64 encoded string and vice-versa.

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Base64 file format allows you to carry your files across the web in a universally accepted format. Using our service you can encode your files to base64 back and forth at ease.


We ensure a strong and robust 99.98% uptime since 2020.


Our service scales automatically based on the consumption and workload.


Convert your files to and from base64 in-memory without storing it on our servers.

Rest API

You will find our Rest API well organized and self explanatory.


Requests are handled in the nearest datacenter based on your IP location.


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Seamless integration with your apps

We provide a Rest API service that allows you to easily convert anything to a Base64 encoded string and vice-versa.

Rest API

Our Rest API supports endpoints for converting a file to a base 64 encoded string as well as decoding it back to a file. The API is as straightforward as it may sound, simply make an HTTP POST request to the or endpoints with the request body being a file or a base64 encoded string. You will find complete examples in your account dashboard.


Many businesses nowadays rely on serverless architectures. Our Zapier app extends your workflows with the Base64 encoding support with no programming involved. Using our app you can easily decode messages that you receive in a base64 encoded string format, as well as encode/decode textual data or files yourselves. This is crucial for services that rely on transferring data in base64 format. Check our app on Zapier, and integrate it with no effort at all!

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